First day of Konferencja Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu (”Conference of Responsible Bussines”)!

Today is the first day of the Responsible Business Conference (Konferencja Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu), which is a two-day business meeting at the AGH University (Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej i Gospodarki Zasobami AGH), and the RaVeN project is one of its partners. The inaugural lecture, which talked about the need to train high-skilled personnel in the context of new, educational business models of education was delivered by Arkadiusz Kustra, RaVeN project coordinator. The further course of the event included meetings with companies as part of workshops, e.g. Aptiv, Philip Morris, State Street Bank and others.

The first workshop was conducted by Iwona Rudnicka, Jolanta Zawitkowska, and Stanisław Kozioł from Philip Morris Polska (PMI), where participants were introduced to the subject and methods of risk management in water management based on PMI experience. PMI it introduced the alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certification to its main sustainability pillars in order to reduce the water footprint of its factories and promote sustainable water management in local territories around the world.

The second workshop entitled “Biodiversity – get to know and you will like it! ” was carried out by Anna Hiszpańskika – Małek – L’Oréal Warsaw Plant. The L’Oréal Group revealed its way to obtain 100% sustainable plant ingredients, currently the company uses about 1600 raw materials from nearly 350 plant species – and biodiversity is an important source of innovation for a company.

The third workshop entitled “Creative problem solving” was conducted by Mrs. Nina Krystoń, an expert in the field of management and human capital development. She has 25 years of experience in business and 8 years of corporate managerial experience in the area of strategic HR, internal communication and corporate social responsibility CSR. Mrs. Nina Krystoń currently by profession is: ICF Coach, Certified HR Business Partner, Certified CSR Manager, Assessor in AC/DC competence assessment processes, Psychosocial Skills Workshop Trainer, FRIS® Trainer and Moderator Design Thinking.

The fourth workshop entitled “How to recognize a company operating according to the concept of sustainable development? Sustainability auditing. ” was conducted by Paweł Bogacz, PhD, Eng., prof. AGH – WILIGZ AGH Krakow. The Professor shared his experiences built on the basis of Górnictwo OK (Mining Ok). This is a group created by the Professor, which brings together representatives of the Polish mining industry, with the main objective of conducting a common, effective policy of social support for mining as a responsible, modern, strategically needed industry – both in the local, regional, nationwide, European and global spheres.

Tomorrow the conference participants will be able to listen to what students have to say about CSR. Stay tuned!