Staff training on Integral Leadership Development Program

On 20-21 December 2023, a training course for educators was held at the AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH) on the ‘Integral Leadership Development Program’, conducted by Two-wings company. The training covered 14 hours and it was attended by 11 research staff members who teach RaVeN students, and 2 administrative staff members who support RaVeN students with administrative, document handling issues.

The objectives of the meeting were fully achieved. The course improved staff cooperation within the RaVeN project by learning about soft skills in leadership and management. The involvement of the course participants made it possible to clarify communication tools in the team and the division of tasks. Techniques for enforcing these tasks were also learned. Training participants learned the benefits of teamwork. The result will be effective communication and effective teamwork identifying with team goals using team problem-solving techniques, which will certainly result in the high-quality education provided to the students of the RaVeN programme. This determines achieving sustainability by ensuring that other project stakeholders, i.e. employees, also derive benefits as they improve their professional competences.