Field activities in Guido Coal Mine

Students, as part of the Social aspects of sustainable development course, took part in field activities to the Guido coal mine in Zabrze. The mine is currently open to the public and is no longer involved in coal mining.

During the visit, students learnt about methods of revitalizing post-mining sites and the history of coal mining in Poland. They had the opportunity to observe how the revitalization process should be properly and effectively carried out in a recreational and social manner, and what standards it should meet.

In addition, they learned about the impact of coal mining on the local community over the years. They had the opportunity to gain knowledge of the impact of this type of activity both at the time of mining, after it has been completed and after the site has been revitalized. The comprehensive field trip was designed to make the students aware of how individual activities affect the local community.

Class date: 27.01.2024, subject “Social aspects of sustainable development”