Field activities in Waste Disposal Plant Sp. z o.o., Municipal Utilities Enterprise and Silesian Museum

As part of the New Trends in Mining Technologies course, students took part in field trips to the Waste Disposal Plant Sp. z o.o., Municipal Utilities Enterprise, and Silesian Museum.

During the trip to Waste Disposal Plant Sp. z o. o. and Municipal Utilities Enterprise, students became familiar with the waste management process and the functioning of a municipal management plant. They had the opportunity to see what the waste separation process actually looks like and into what groups they are divided. Additionally, they could observe how a given type of waste is handled and how it is processed.

During a visit to the Silesian museum, students had the opportunity to expand their knowledge about the history of mining in Poland. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the museum was established as part of the revitalization of the areas where a mine was previously located. The Silesian museum showed the students the revitalization of areas degraded for recreational purposes.

The aim of the field trip was to show how waste is handled and how the process of disposal of a specific type of waste takes place. Politicians and security principles apply to the operation of this type of applications. During the field trip, they can observe how important it is to take care of the environment and how it deals with waste or degraded areas in the way it is distributed with frequencies and from the environment and how important it is nowadays.

Class date: 26.01.2024, subject “New trends in the mining technologies and mineral processing”.