Field activities in Machów-Piaseczno and the Osiek sulfur mines

Students, as part of the Problems on post mining area- water management, reclamation, revitalization course, took part in field activities to two decommissioned opencast sulfur mines, Machów and Piaseczno in Tarnobrzeg and the Osiek mine, which extracts sulfur using the Frasch method.

During a trip to Machów and Piaseczno in Tarnobrzeg, students learned about the history of sulphur mining in Poland in the 19th century in the areas where these mines operated. They also had the opportunity to observe one way of revitalizing post-mining areas using water.

During a visit to the Osiek sulfur mine belonging to Grupa Azoty, students had the opportunity to learn about Frasch, one of the sulfur extraction methods. It is the only mine in the world that extracts sulfur using this method. During their stay at the plant, students had the opportunity to learn about the company’s business model and security policy.

The field trip allowed students to observe the entire sulfur mining cycle and the activities that should be performed after their completion. In addition, they could learn about innovative technologies used in the extraction of raw materials and see how it works. During the trip, they also expanded their knowledge about the management and operation of mining plants and the importance of safety at work. The field trip also showed the fact that mining is still developing and new, innovative solutions for the extraction of raw materials should be sought.

Class date: 25.01.2024, subject “Problems on post mining area – water management, reclamation, revitalization”