Field trip: Saint-Gobain Construction Products Polska sp. z o.o. ‘Borkow’ gypsum quarry & RIGIPS Stawiany construction materials plant

Students, as part of the New Trends in Mining Technologies course, took part in field activities to the Borków quarry, which operate on gypsum deposits, and the construction materials production plant (gypsum boards, gypsum blocks) owned by the French company Saint-Gobain Construction Products Polska sp. z o.o.

During the trip, students were acquainted with modern methods of mining gypsum deposits in complicated condition (environmental and social limitations). They had the opportunity to observe the blasting method of gypsum extraction and familiarize themselves with the design and technical details of the process.

During the visit to the production facility, students witnessed how the extracted raw material is processed into the final product in RIGIPS Stawiany factory. Special attention was given to the efficiency of the process, self-resource management (e.g., process water from the quarry drainage system), and the applied recycling processes. Plant management and employees presented various Circular Economy solutions implemented at various stages of the production process.

Additionally, safety and organization of work at the production plant with a conveyor-type production characteristic were presented, from raw material acquisition to the organization and optimization of logistics for delivering finished products to external recipients. The comprehensive field trip aimed to make students aware that the quality and efficiency of construction material production begin with careful design of the extraction process. Ensuring the quality and purity of the raw material at the extraction process is crucial for achieving the desired final product.

Class date: 18.01.2024, subject “ New trends in the mining technologies and mineral processing”