RACE 2023 – The Raw and Circular Economy Expedition

What is RACE 2023?

RACE is a challenge-based learning programme across the raw materials value chain that unites sustainability pioneers to connect, learn, and innovate for the pressing raw material challenges. Comprised of expert talks, industry tours, entrepreneurship training and networking, this is the perfect opportunity for students to advance their career and gain insight into the challenges faced by industries in this sector.

What is in for you?

  • Work, receive insights and network with the world’s leading experts from industry, academia, and policy.
  • Experience the raw materials value chain challenges by following the real-life journey of raw materials.
  • Travel around Europe for 2 weeks visiting different industry partners.
  • Network and innovate with fellow students from international backgrounds.
  • Deepen your understanding of the circular economy and pressing raw materials challenges to inspire the Green Transition in Europe.
  • Develop and pitch solutions to “Green Transition” challenges in diverse and interdisciplinary teams.